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Pre-Event Report - Coaching - River Stour

Sadly, before I start the report that I've been waiting for so long to write, I must ask you to spare a thought for one of our own. Tim Oram, father of James and all round nice guy, was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas last year and, after a very short illness, very sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. I am sure that I can speak for us all when, on behalf of all in the DDAS, I send to James and his family the deepest condolences at this very sad time. Our thoughts are with you all.

While we think of James, we find ourselves with just over a week to go before our opening event of the season. I have posted lots of information recently about the river on Spond. If you haven't seen the PDF files yet, you should be able to find them on the Spond app or below.

Download PDF • 610KB

Starting the season a little earlier does run the risk of less desirable weather, and this looks to be the case for next weekend if the long range forecast is to be believed. Very cold temps during the week will effect the fishing but, it does look like there may be a slight up turn in the weather because there is a chance of rain before Saturday which means milder air temps.

We will be having a little chat in the car parking area before we walk to the river so, please do not rush over the field as soon as you arrive. Please note, there may be another event happening on the river when we are there. We are guests of the Blandford club for this event so we need to show our best side to our hosts.

Directions to the river could not simpler. (Even for Amy) As you approach Blandford, you will head around the ring road going straight across all four round-a-bouts. Go down the hill and you will see a signpost for a left turn to the B3082 to Blandford. As you approach this turn you will see one of our DDAS Juniors flags just beyond the turning next to a farm road. (Do not follow the sign). Turn onto this farm road and park on the grass verge on the side of the main road. There should be a few cars there already.

If you have any questions, please ask... Juniors Sec... (Tim always managed to dodge my camera lens, but I did find this one. Rest in peace Tim...)

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