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Pre-match Report - Chester's Lake - Whitemoor

Back to Whitemoor this weekend on Chester’s Lake for round 8 of the junior championship.

This event will be part of the Angling Trust's 'Get Fishing' campaign. So the peg fees have been paid for you. Fees for this event will be just £5.00 for coaching.

Although the temperature is just beginning to fall out of the water, the fish should still be on summer feeding mode. I am expecting the fishing to be good.

The usual feeder tactics will work as normal for this lake. I might be tempted to add just a little groundbait to my micros for the feeder, but it will not be vital to do so. No more than 1 minute to soak your micro pellets. The fish may still be in the shallower areas like against the island. So accurate casting will be an advantage. 25g to 30g feeders will do the job, either combi/banjo style feeders, or the more traditional method feeders.

For those wanting to fish the long pole, soaked micros and expander pellets usually work very well here. If you can’t hold a long pole, or you haven’t got a long pole, then try nearer the middle with either expanders and micro’s or with paste. Fish two different lines at the same length, one to the left, the other to the right. Plumbing the depth will be crucial, particularly if you are using paste. Take your time and try to find firm flat areas to fish over. Wherever you choose to fish, make sure you feed with a cup or with a pole pot to keep the fish in a tighter area.

It will be worth taking some maggots. You can separate a few off can kill them in the freezer the night before as hook bait. Alternatively, you can just take live maggots and dispatch the ones for the hook by rolling them on your leg. Not so hard that they burst, just enough so they don’t wriggle anymore. The reason for doing this is so they still look like live maggots, all plump and fresh. But they do not try to wriggle away once on the bottom. Also, they fill up the hook nicely when you put 3 or 4 of them on the hook. Freezer killed maggots tend to stretch and look thin on the hook. Nothing like juicy live ones at all. Of course, if you don’t like the thought of killing your bait, then don’t… Use three or four maggots on a size 16 hook for the Carp.

I would have at least one tin of meat cubed to 6mm for down the margin, and maybe some corn as an alternative hookbait.

Bait: 1 pint maggots. (Optional to kill some before fishing to use on the hook) 2 pints Micro pellets, 4mm, 6mm. 1 pint 8mm.

Some paste mix.

1 or 2 tins of luncheon meat cubed to 6mm.

A small tin of Sweetcorn.

Method Mix ground bait.

Your preferred hook baits for the feeder.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask...

Juniors Sec...

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