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Senior/Junior Pairs (Pears) Match - Secondary Pre-match report.

I have to confess, this image is one of my better creations. But like Trudie said when I was chuckling to myself when I made it, Small things amuse small minds... So, unless you have been living under a rock this week, you may have been aware that there has been a small amount of rain lately. This may push the fish out, and into deeper water than they have been of late. Despite this, the only real changes that I would suggest is, that maybe maggots might play a more important part than they would have done, particularly on the feeder. A maggot feeder fished to the far side, may be a good option. Luncheon Meat might be a good choice of bait too, fish a bit further out in front of you.

Other than that, I wouldn't change much from the last report with regards to bait and methods... So, in my bait bag I will have the following:

At least a pint of maggots. Two bags of 4mm, one of 6mm & one of 8mm pellets from the shop (4 bags for £10) Plenty of Sweetcorn and Luncheon Meat (ready cut) 6mm expander pellets

Micros for the feeder

Groundbait only for emergencies.

I'm asking everyone to arrive for 10am, so you can go and get what you need from the shop.

Match fees will be £15 per adult and £10 per junior. Both include a £5.00 event fee for our funds. The match will start when I'm ready....I mean....when we're all ready, and as close to 11.30 as possible.

The match will be over four hours duration. You SHOULD need a minimum of three keepnets. The coaches will have plenty with them and I am bringing 6 or 7 spare nets from the Re-Gen stock. There is a net limit of 66lb per net. It is safer to aim under 50lb. The easiest way to keep a count of how many fish you are catching, is to put in three nets and call them 'A, B & C. Start putting fish in like A1, B1, C1. Then start again A2, B2, C2 and so on. With the average size of the fish being around 2 or 3lbs, then I would go up to 12 fish per keepnet. This should keep you well under the limit. If you get to C12, put a fourth net in and so on. In the adult matches, it has been known for 12 or 13 keepnets to be used! But don't expect that we will get to those numbers in 4 hours... But who knows? We are not going to be as stringent with the limits as the senior matches, but we must try our best to stay within the limits if possible. I want to repeat my message to our Juniors. You will not let anyone down if you do your best. No one can ask more of you than that. This is an opportunity to fish one of the premier fisheries in the country at the moment, so enjoy it. Hopefully it will be a day to remember.

Juniors Sec.

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