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Soaring popularity and fishing on a football pitch

Right! It's about time we got this ball rolling... The first session of the 2022 season will be a Casting Lesson at 11am on Saturday the 19th March on the Great Field in Poundbury (opposite Rowlands Pharmacy, DT1 2FD, and the Prince of Wales doctors surgery)

As usual there will be a £5.00 charge for this session. (All fees go into the Junior fund) This session is mainly for our newer members, but previous members can come along if they wish. (Newcomers should note that a DDAS membership is required to attend ALL our Junior events)

The session is restricted to SIX Juniors. If we get more than six, I will host another session starting in the afternoon. You can book into this session by emailing me at

If you already have a feeder rod/reel and a seat box/chair to sit on, then please bring them along. If not, then let me know and I will get one provided for you. We use adapted tennis balls to cast so bring your rods unassembled.

The session will be approx 90 minutes long. This session will go towards part of your level one training. So, if you haven't been to a casting session and you are on level one, you need to get booked in to one. The casting session will show you not only how to cast, but how to do it safely. There is only one rule... No firing Tennis balls at the coach!


I am delighted to say that the first event at Luckfield is now fully booked! All ten spaces are filled, some with brand new names that I am excited to put a face to. As stated above, a DDAS membership is required to attend all our Junior events. If you haven't got a membership, then you can get a reduced price ticket now from the club website, ( This will last you up until 1st June when we all have to buy new membership cards.

All Juniors over the age of 13 will require a rod licence. These are available from the Environment Agency website or from your local Post Office counter. Please check your licence is valid before attending Junior events.


One other very important request I have to ask all those wishing to attend any events in the future, is to please do a Lateral Flow Test the night before or on the morning of a Junior event. Obviously, this will help to keep us all safe going forward. We all have much to gain by testing ourselves of course, but I also appreciate this more because I have to protect my lovely partner, Trudie, who is very vulnerable to the dreaded virus. So, you can help me further by keeping yourselves checked as much as you can.

This is not compulsory, but I am relying on common sense to protect each other.


Lastly, a quick reminder that there are lots of new items in the Re-Gen list at the moment. From seat boxes to rod rests, it's all available for you to borrow by emailing me at and stating the number on the item you wish to borrow.

Lastly, lastly... Our presentation evening is on Thursday evening on the 14th of April at Weymouth Angling Club. Please come along and support our winners from last season as they receive their rewards. Who knows, it could be you one day?

Juniors Sec...

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