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Welcome to Junior fishing in 2022

It's so close I can almost smell it! The 4th year of DDAS Juniors is just around the corner and there have been a few changes from last year...

I have been working to make the coaching program a bit smoother and more efficient. I have reduced the number of sections in each level to make achievements easier. Afterall, the program is not a competition. It is designed to educate at the individuals own pace.

Some elements have been moved around. If you find you come across something you have already completed, you will not be asked to repeat that element.

During the season there will be at least 10 coaching sessions, 5 points matches, and 3 non-points matches.

New to the events this year is an evening series to be held at the stock pond at Revels. There will be 3 qualifying rounds. The winner of each round will go through to a final in September along with the highest weight runner up. Yet another trophy to aim at this season.

In 2022, each coaching session will have a 'themed' subject at the beginning of the event. Basic skills like setting up equipment, preparing different baits, and other subjects from later levels in the program that will go towards ticking those sections off.

As well as our newer Juniors who will be starting the program for the first time, we will be having some recapping exercises to make sure that our more experienced Juniors are still up to speed with their training.

As far as possible, the dates have been matched to venues that will, hopefully, give our Juniors the best chance to catch lots of fish. There may even be some venues that we have never visited before...

One new addition to our rules for 2022 is as follows. After the finishing whistle of a match or the end of a coaching session, there will be a 15 minute gap before any weighing in begins. This will allow Juniors to show their gratitude to their loving parents/guardians for taking them fishing by helping to pack away all their equipment. I have no doubt that this will be universally celebrated by all the Shrimps, and even more so by the parents. Those found wandering without valid reason during this period will be deemed guilty on sight and sent back to whence they came. (Shot on sight seemed a bit harsh). With most fixtures now confirmed, here is the full fixture list for 2022

Saturday 26th March

Coaching - Luckfield

(Limited to 10 anglers)

Saturday 9th April

Coaching - Revels

Thursday 14th April

AGM/Presentation evening

Weymouth Angling Club


Saturday 23rd April

Coaching - Whitemoor

Saturday 7th May

Match #1 - Revels

Friday 13th May (evening)

Knockout qualifier #1

Revels Stock Pond

Saturday 21st May

Coaching - Harbourbridge

Saturday 4th June

Match #2 - Todber Manor

Friday 10th June (evening)

Knockout qualifier #2

Revels Stock Pond

Saturday 18th June

Coaching - Sharnhill

(Limited to 10 anglers)

Saturday 2nd July

Junior Pairs Match


Friday 8th July (evening)

Knockout qualifier #3

Revels Stock Pond

Saturday 16th July

Coaching - Mangerton (TBC)

Saturday 30th July

Coaching - Whitemoor

Saturday 13th August

Match #3 - Mangerton (TBC)

Saturday 27th August

Coaching - Harbourbridge

Friday 2nd September (evening)

Knockout Final

Revels Stock Pond

Saturday 10th September

Senior/Junior Pairs

Todber Manor (7 pairs)

Saturday 24th September

Coaching - Revels

Saturday 8th October

Match #4 - Luckfield

(Limited to 10 anglers)

Saturday 22nd October

Coaching - Sharnhill or Ash Ponds

(Limited to 12 anglers)

Saturday 5th November

Martin Vine Mem. #5


Saturday 26th November

Christmas Match - Todber Manor

**Please note that the events at Todber Manor now carry a £6 pegging fee for 2022**

Whitemoor and Mangerton are still £5 at the time of writing.

All Junior sessions are priced at £5 on top of any pegging fees.

You will be able to book into these events from the fixtures page by clicking the 'Book a Space' button. You will notice on the 14th of April we have the AGM/Presentation evening at Weymouth Angling Club (Behind the Range, formerly Debenhams). The evening starts at 7.30pm and the trophies for 2021 will be present to our lucky winners, Faith Stone, Oliver Smith, Jake Taylor, Jack Copp, Thomas Millard and Max Faulkner. Even if you are not picking up a trophy, it would be nice to see you there supporting your fellow Juniors.

A reminder to those that still have trophies from 2020 that I will need them returned to me or to Si Wagner by the end of February please. That's it for now, more news as it happens... Juniors Sec...

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