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02/09/22 - Junior Knock Out Final - Revels Stock Pond - Pre Match Report

Draw: 17:30 Start: 18:00 Finish: 20:00

The long-awaited final for our first Junior Knock series is here!

The four finalists will be competing on Friday night for the Winner Takes All title of 2022 and first Junior Knock Out Champion. The trophy, like all the others will be presented next year at our presentation evening. There will be a prize for the winner on the night.

Your Finalists are,

Winner of round one: Faith Stone Winner of Round two: Oliver Smith Winner of round three: Jack Copp & The angler with the heaviest runners-up weight: Josiah Wells-Parkes.

It has been interesting to see how the fishing has developed over the three qualifying rounds. The first two rounds were won on the whip with decent bags of small fish. But the third round was won with a feeder and a far bigger weight than the other rounds. I have no doubt that the feeder will score over the whip in the final, but I would set a whip up just in case the feeder does not work as it should.

The water level is extremely low which may influence the fishing.

Only ONE keepnet will be required, but make sure that it is well stretched out to allow maximum room for the fish.

A full report of the evening’s events will be available in The Mud-Slinger at the weekend.

Good Luck to all those involved!

Juniors Sec…

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