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24/09/22 - Coaching #9 - Pre-Event Report - Revels

Start: 10:30 Finish: 16:00

Fees: £5.00

Back to Revels for this weekend’s coaching session and we may have ‘lucked out’ on the weather this time. This year has been a charmed one without even the sideways rain of Harbourbridge. We even dodged the worst of the sun at Firs Lake in July… Of course, things could change between now and Saturday and I want you all to cross everything to ensure that it does. Before anyone asks, we do not have any umbrellas in the Re-Gen store, unfortunately. Hopefully there will be the odd one or two to borrow on the day. You could always talk to Uncle Alan at Alan’s Angling or Uncle Jason at Revels. Flutter your eyelashes and show ‘em your club membership card, and you might get a deal from them on a new one…

We have a number of newbies attending again, which is excellent news! Just turn left at the shop, through the yard, and into the car park at the end. You will see us assembled there.

We will probably be on the Main Lake.

Bait recommendations are as usual. 2mm ‘Micro’ Pellets for the feeder. 4, 6, & 8mm Pellets. A tin of Sweetcorn. A tin of Luncheon Meat (Not Spam) Pint of Maggots (Red/white mixed)

A quick note on the last coaching session at Harbourbridge Lakes. I feel that I owe some of those that attended an apology. Because we had a sudden surge of new starters and with a lack of available coaches, the juniors that were regulars got a little forgotten about. Obviously, it wasn’t intentional, but it happened. I am more organised this time and we will endeavour to deliver a better coaching service to everyone from now on. The coaching Progression page on the website has been revised to make it easier to access and update. The page was password protected because of the photograph contained within it. I have removed the photos and therefore the password. Progression page can be found at Coaching progression | DDAS Juniors

Level One Juniors Liam Serkis Harry Cryer Jack Cryer Harry Cryer Leo Bates Jack Bates Level One section list go to L1 Roach.cdr (

Level Two Juniors Carter Lynock Josiah Well-Parkes Austin Scott Kennedy Level Two section list go to L2 Perch.cdr (

Level Three Juniors Jake Taylor Level Three section list go to L3 Tench.cdr (

Level Four Juniors Oliver Smith Faith Stone Level Four section list go to L4 Bream.cdr (

So, put on your rabbit furs and do your best dry weather dance!

See you Saturday…

Juniors Sec.

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