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Booked in for the Christmas match yet?

Hopefully it won't be quite as cold as the cartoon!

If you have not already booked in for the Christmas Match on the 26th of November at Todber Manor, then please do so as soon as possible. The sooner we have an idea of the number of participants, the sooner we can organise the prizes. Everyone gets a prize for turning up and fishing.

If it is as cold as last year, you will have earned it!

Parents, like the coaches, you get NOTHING! Apart from the undying love and appreciation of your eternally grateful offspring... Maybe Hypothermia...

We are going to be using the booking App, SPOND for all the junior events next year, and the Christmas match is a trial run to get us all used to it. You need to download the free App to your phone from the App Store or to your computer from to use it.

If you have trouble downloading it, contact me and I'll TRY to help you through it... (Blame Glenn Taylor, it was his idea! However, if it works, the guy is a genius!)

At the moment we only have 4 spaces booked for this event.

Last year we had 16.

Let's get booking and finish the year with a bang, rather than a fizzle.

Juniors Sec...

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