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With the last three weeks being rather busy, I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend this week. But now it's here, I'm kind of missing it. But the events start again next week and come thick and fast. The next match is at Harbourbridge for our annual junior pairs match (not to be confused with the Senior/Junior pairs match which is in September). For those of you who are fishing, or thinking of fishing, the pairs match it works something like this... Juniors draw for the match as usual. Drawing their own pegs and fishing their own match. During the match, Jerry and I will slink off a quiet corner, put everyone's name in a hat, and randomly draw out the teams. There will be at least two coaches with an 'I know more than you do' look on their faces, whilst the juniors constantly harass us as to who their partner is for the rest of the day. What seemed to be a cunning plan at the start, fast becomes a rod for own back as Jerry and I slowly descend into a spiralling nervous breakdown until we reveal the teams at the end. Great relief comes from off-loading the now irritating secret. I make it sound a chore, but it really is quite fun!

IF we get a junior without a partner, then the coaches will get together, remove their shoes and socks, and work out an average weight based on the weights of the others. This will be the amount added to the solo juniors result to get their final weight. Thomas Millard came third on his own last year! So there is always a chance for something to show for it at the end. So far there is only 6 juniors booked in. As it stands, everyone will get something... You have a week left to get booked in so don't delay, book today...


The following week on Friday the 8th of July, sees the last chance to qualify for the junior knock out final. Currently, the finalists are Faith Stone from round one, Oliver Smith from round two, and Josiah Wells-Parkes currently as the highest weight runner up with 12lbs 13ozs. These have become such fun matches to fish and everyone that has fished them says they love it. The fish come thick and fast on the stock pond and are all shapes and colours too. There are 5 juniors booked in for this event. Two of whom have already qualified. If you want to fish the last round, then get booked in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. The final is on the stock pond on the 2nd of September. (Qualifiers only)


Si Wagner and I will be creating havoc at the Charminster fun day on the 10th of July. Pop along and see us if you have the time. Just please don't throw anything...


On the 16th of July we have an evening match at Luckfield Lake. The draw is at 14:30, fishing from 15:30 until 19:30. The evening matches/events are a different and pleasant challenge for the juniors because the evening is the time when a lot of fish will feed. There are still 7 spaces available for this match. There are only 10 pegs around the lake so make sure you get your space reserved if you want to fish.


Teams for the Senior/Junior pairs match are beginning to form up now and they are, at the time of writing, as follows.

Faith Stone & Graham Howard

Oliver Smith & Jerry Bracey

Josiah Wells-Parkes & James Parkes James Oram & Chris Ward

The Rules are that juniors must ask a member of the coaching team, a helper, or a parent themselves. If you want a contact number/email, then drop me a line and I will send it to you. If you want to give yourselves a team name, then go for it! It will be pegged so that all the only senior angler that a junior will be fishing next to will be their own partner. Helpers/coaches still available at the time of writing are,

Si Wagner

Tom Foyle

Tim Broughton

Jon Bass

Andy Hawkins

So, plenty to choose from and a fine body of people they are too. With 4 teams chosen already and a 14-peg lake, there is only room enough for three more teams. So, get asking and let me know!

That's the end of my little catch up.

See you soon!

Juniors Sec...

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