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Exciting Christmas Match News!

Following a chat with John Candy at Todber Manor this morning, I can inform you that we have moved our Junior Christmas Match to either Homeground Lake or Ash Lake, depending on numbers.

The original venue at Whitepost Lake is ok for experienced anglers, but for Juniors, it could be a bit too much of a challenge for them. Homeground or Ash are far easier to fish in the colder months. Not only that but the other two lakes are more convenient for facilities, the shop and a nice warm drink if it is colder. Some will have seen Ash Lake for the Senior/Junior pairs match and will know that it is full of fish. Homeground is similar in many ways, but there are more good silverfish like Bream and Roach to be had. Either way, I kind of wish I was fishing it myself now! It is already going to be our biggest competitive event ever and, if everyone comes, maybe our biggest event yet!

There are no points to play for, no pressure and no stress for this match. It's just for fun and to celebrate the best year of Junior fishing that our club has seen for many years. There is a trophy and medals for the winners, but presents and prizes mean that every Junior will walk away with something that they either want or need.

If parents could advise me if there is anything in particular that they feel that their Junior might need, then please let me know. Otherwise we will try to give them presents/prizes that we feel would better help them next year. Of course, if Santa has got them something already, it might be a good idea to let us know what it is so we don't upset the tubby guy come Christmas...

If you haven't booked in yet and you want to come, please book in as soon as possible so we can get things organised...

As usual, I can't wait and I'm probably more excited than some of the kids already!

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