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FWTCW - Todber Manor - Ash Lake (Hopefully)

This weeks Fishing with the coach Wednesday will be at Ash Lake at Todber Manor....Hopefully... I say hopefully because there are open matches held there on Wednesdays and they do not choose which of the lakes they will use until the day of the match. I have been assured that there will be one lake, usually two on Wednesdays, that will be available. It will just be a case of hoping that Ash is not one of the ones used on the day...

I will be getting there as soon as the shop is open (8am), providing I don't get lost this time. Please don't ask, it's a rather long, embarrassing and boring story that I really won't be wanting to get into....Will I Mike?

I haven't fish Ash lake for quite a while, so it will be good refamiliarize myself with it, so I can give you all a detailed run down ready for the up and coming pairs match in October. Obviously it will only be a rough idea because a lot can change in two months. I'm sure there will be a couple more visits there before then anyway. I know there are one or two people joining me already, hopefully some of them may even be Juniors! Stranger things have happened...

Junior Sec.

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