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Junior Coaching - Pre Report - 09/10/21

For our final coaching session of the year, we head to Revels fishery. I can not believe that we are coming to the end of our Junior year already, but time stands still for no one and here we are. Depending on how many Juniors we get, there is a chance that we might be able to fish on a new lake for us. The stock pond at Revels is a water that I have only seen once, but I've never fished before. It is only small, so we may have too may to fit around it. But there are some interesting ideas for a new 'knock out' competition to be held on the stock pond next year. More of that when it happens.

I made the trip to Revels this afternoon to see how it was fishing, and to have a chat with the guys fishing the match there. There has been a lot cold water deposited in to the lakes by the rain recently, and which continues to run in from the surrounding land and springs. The water has started to 'drop out' or become clearer. This has changed the fishing considerably. The fish will feed but, watching the match guys today, they were not putting nearly as much bait in as they would have a few weeks ago. Instead it was a case of waiting for the fish to find the bait rather than attract the fish to your swim. Bright baits like bread and sweetcorn are coming into their own too. As well as two or even three maggots on the hook.

Feed was lighter than of late with only a regular pot on the end of the top kit being used (50- 60ml). Not the bigger cupping kit (250ml). Paste was still doing the business on a couple of pegs, fed with a few Micros.

If we do get on to the Stock pond, owner Jason said that a simple set up of a rod or a pole top kit will be enough to catch loads of fish.

Hopefully the weather will be kind and the forecast is fairly good. It's about time we had some better weather for our Juniors.

For those coming on Saturday, see you there!

Juniors Sec.

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