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Junior Match #10 - The Martin Vine Memorial Trophy match - Top Lake - Whitemoor - Pre-match report.

Ah, summer. I remember you... The leaves, the flowers, the sweat... Unless you've been living under a (warm) rock, it has got quite cold lately. Your fishing will have to reflect this. You can not throw handfuls of bait in like we did in the summer. You will need to take great care about how much bait you use on Saturday.

The fees for the match will be £10. This includes a £5.00 pegging fee for the fishery. It is only a three hour match. Less time to get it right. No time to get it back if you mess it up.

Little and often. Little and often. LITTLE AND OFTEN! Repeat until learned...

Try to fish a line about 3 to four metres, straight out in front of you. You shouldn't need too much bait at all. I would recommend that you take the following: 1 or 2 pints of 2mm micro pellets. I would separate them into two containers. One for the feeder which you will soak for about 30 seconds before leaving them to drain off. The other container will be for the pole/float. You can soak these for a full two minutes to make them much softer for feeding.

On the subject of feeding (Did I mention little and often?), life will be much easier with a pole. Use a small cup on the end of the top kit to feed super accurately, right over the top of your rig. If you don't have a pole, feed the micros in small 'nuggets' thrown around your float. try to be as accurate as you possibly can. The fish are cold and will not move that far, not like in the summer months. You need to try to keep your feed as 'tight' as you can. To hold the fish in one spot and not spread them all over the lake. For the feeder, I might use a smaller feeder than I would have in the summer. Or I would use a Banjo XR feeder that holds less bait than a method feeder. I would cast to within a metre of the island and start there. May be get closer as the match progresses. My hook bait would be a 6mm pellet or a Wafter. Colours and flavours are up to you.

Maggots could work on either line and I would always bring at least a pint of reds. You don't have to, but I might take two different ground baits.

One normal method mix for the feeder, and one lighter, much darker ground bait like Dynamite Baits F1 Sweet Cool water ground bait. Using a finer, dark mix like this will attract fish into your swim, but will not feed them.

I don't know whether the margins will work. It may be too cold. But a bright bait like Sweet corn may be worth trying down the edge. The only other bait I would consider is bread. Punched bread on a straight lead has worked well if your are desperate for a fish. But be patient.

1 or 2 pints 2mm micros pellets

A few 6mm (maybe some 8mm) for the hook only. 1 pint of red maggots

Maybe sweet corn and bread.

A fine dark ground bait and/or a method mix ground bait..

We have not held a stand alone trophy match before. To have a Junior match in memory of my dear old friend, Martin, is something I have wanted to do for the last 3 years. He would have been humbled to see a trophy in his honour, but proud that the Juniors will be the ones fishing for it.

Rest in peace dear friend... Juniors Sec.

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