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Junior Points Match #7 - Todber Manor/Whitepost Lake - Pre-Match Report.

For the match this weekend we should assume that we are going to be on Whitepost Lake.

Another tricky one to report because, yet again, I have not found the time or had the opportunity to go there.

The forecast mentions a breezy day and air pressure on a slight rise. A rise in air pressure could mean that the fish could be shallow, or at least off the bottom. I say ‘could’ because I don’t know for sure. But I recommend that your tackle should accommodate for this.

Feeder. Feeder always seems to work at Whitepost. If it was me, I would use micros on the feeder to start with. The fish would have to tell me if they wanted any groundbait mixed in with it. Having said that, a nice fishy method mix ground bait could work, but my go to would be pellets. I don’t like to talk too much about hook baits because I feel that I is a personal thing. I like to start with 6 or 8mm pellets on the band and then go from there. I would consider meat, corn and even paste as a viable feeder hook bait. Go long, be brave, and you will catch.

Waggler. If I had my pole with me (which I would), I may not even bother with a traditional Waggler float. I would however consider a Pellet Waggler shallow. If the fish are ‘Up’ and you don’t have a pole, Pellet Wag could be the way to go.

Pole. Pole would be my main choice of weapon. I would look short, towards the bottom of the inside shelf. Another spot shorter, towards the end of my keep nets. The third would be into the margin, ideally 50 or 60cm deep (Roughly 2ft) or even the mudline (very close to the bank if you have the depth). You are targeting Carp primarily so, ‘Carp style rigs’ are the order of the day. 5lb (0.15mm) main line is a minimum requirement.

Baits. The usual pellets are needed. The following is the minimum amount that I would recommend for pellets. 2 pints 2mm. 2 pints 4mm. 3 pints 6mm. 2 pints 8mm. Some fishy method mix.

Red Maggots. I have heard that potting in large amounts of maggots works at Whitepost. Anything up to eight pints! That’s a big expense if it doesn’t work… I am going to recommend at least one pint of red maggots. Two is better. Again, if you have trouble storing maggots or large amounts of maggots, write your juniors name on the box and I will store them for you. With only two pints you are going to have to monitor how much bait you are feeding. You don’t want to run out! Try a bunch of maggots on a bare hook as bait.

Meat. Meat has worked well at Whitepost in the past. 6mm cubes with a few 8mm’s for hook baits. I will have some cutters with me if you chose to bring meat.

Sweetcorn. Corn is always worth bring to any match as a standby bait. Personally, I don’t have confidence in it, but I always have some with me just in case. I did send a message on Spond regarding the other match being held at Todber on Saturday. It turns out that the draw for that match is at 8:45am. So, the anglers will be long gone by the time you get there, giving juniors plenty of time to empty parents’ purses/wallets in the shop.

Do not be afraid to ask any questions… See you Saturday,

Juniors Sec…

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