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Pre- event Report Coaching #1 Luckfield

For our first coaching event of the year at Luckfield there are a few changes to the coaching program. Those that have been with us last year and beyond, started their level 1 training learning about setting up and fishing with a float (waggler). Some struggled a little with this so I have moved that back to L3 and replaced it with setting up and fishing with a whip instead. Those that have done the waggler bit will not have to repeat it unless they want to.

Other changes to how the coaching days will be a themed tutorial (or two) at the start or during the event. Key skills such as bait care, different method skills, and lots of other useful tips we will talk about to help Juniors advance towards fishing more independently.

This weekends topic will be a short brush up on health and safety, particularly for our newer members, and then a tutorial on the new entry level skill of fishing with a short Whip.

Some of our Juniors are past level 1 but, as this is a new discipline for L1, all Juniors will need to attend in order to proceed, however easy they find it.

Parking is going to be tricky so please, when you get to the lake, park as tightly as you can so others can get in.

As far as the fishing is concerned, bait wise, You will need some maggots. I would recommend a pint of red maggots with a handful of whites thrown in for a different hook bait option. (Maggots need to be kept cold in a fridge in a proper maggot box).

I would take a small tin of sweetcorn and maybe a tin of luncheon meat.

It would be handy if everyone could bring a bag of ground bait with because we will be looking at how to mix it perfectly. It doesn't really matter what you bring, but I would recommend something a dark Match Method Mix or Dark F1, both from Sonubaits.

I was using both of these together last Friday when I fished at Luckfield to great effect ending up with over 50 Roach and one lumpy Bream...

The usual micro pellets and hook baits if you wish to fish with a feeder.

Talking of lumpy, the lane is a little better than last year, but not much (it's a work in progress). Please drive slowly down the lane to the lake to preserve your cars and in respect of our lane neighbours.

Lateral flow tests are commonplace these days and, although not compulsory, I would certainly appreciate it if everyone could try to use one if possible to ensure that we can be as safe as possible.

So details are as follows;

Start at 10.30am with a Health & Safety chat

Followed by a tutorial about setting up and fishing with a Whip

Then it's time for fishing!

At about 2pm (ish) we'll have a look at some ground bait and the tools you need to use it effectively.

We will finish at around 3.30pm, Maybe 4pm if the going is good...

Juniors Sec...

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