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Pre-Event Report - Coaching Day with Special Guest Coach, Callum Dicks - Trendals Lake, Revels.

Sorry for the delayed report, lots going on at the moment. We will be fishing on Trendals Lake behind the tackle shop. You will be given parking instructions on the day.

Callum will be on hand to impart his vast knowledge of match fishing to all present on Saturday. Topics from bait prep, rig and equipment set up, and casting are all on the agenda.

This your chance to spend the day with a former world champion. A day which, if you booked it privately, would cost some serious pennies. So it is to your advantage to watch and listen carefully to what he will be showing and telling you. That's listening with ears, rather than mouths... If you have a question, pop your hand in the air and I'm sure he will happy to answer them for you.

There will be time at the end to get caps and bits and pieces signed, and to get photos before Callum leaves.

There is a shop on site but, I have recommended the following to our guest. 1 pint Maggots. (live or dead) 2 pints micro pellets.

Some 6mm & 4mm hard pellets. 4mm expanders. 6mm Luncheon Meat (I favour the cheap unflavoured meats, but any from the shop will do).

That's it for now, see you on Saturday...

Juniors Sec...

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