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Pre-Event Report - Coaching Session/Silvers Practice - Harbourbridge Lake - 11/05/24

Fees: £5.00

Start: 10am

Finish: 3pm

The focus for this weekend’s coaching session will be mainly practice for the silverfish match later in the year and, for the newer juniors, casting tuition and fish location (Mr Soil). Addition coaching will be given as usual during the session.

If there are areas that you like me/us to cover for future coaching sessions, please let me know.

You need to be aware of the fact that the Carp may be spawning.

Carp were spawning earlier on in the week and, with this warm spell, should be finished by the time we get there on Saturday. I will go to the lake on Friday to make sure they have finished what they need to do. If they haven’t, I will either need to look for an alternative venue. Because this is a seasonal activity, the fish may be reacting the same way all over the area and, therefore, be busy wherever we go. Should this be the case I will have no choice but to cancel the event, possibly at very short notice.

I stress that this will be highly unlikely, but I wanted to warn you all just the same.

Please check your Spond app before leaving on the morning.

Charlottes Lake has been flooded over the winter period and is only just finding it's summer levels. The ground may be very muddy. You will need to bring wellies! You have been warned...

There is a good head of silvers in Charlottes Lake now, and they are well worth catching. Roach, Rudd, and Bream are now about in numbers, and we saw last year how quickly a good weight can be built when the Carp are not biting or, as in the case for the Silver’s only match in October, do not count.


Poles, Feeder rods, and maybe float gear will all be useful.


Will be discussed at the venue.


The usual maggots (1 pint), pellets (2, 4, 6 & 8mm), and ground baits.

Maybe some corn and/or meat.

With regards to unused baits like maggots, never waste them.

Pellets can be frozen and reused.

Maggots can be sealed in an airtight bag and used as dead maggots on future sessions.

Meat, corn, even Groundbait can all be reused.

It helps the venues stay less silted and keeps the water healthier if you take your excess bait home and freeze it. It will save you money too.

Find the ‘Books’ page on the website for lots of bait information.

See you Saturday…

Juniors Sec…

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