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Pre-report for Junior points match #1 - Luckfield Lake - 02/03/24


The car park at Luckfield is very small so please make sure that you allow plenty of room for those coming in behind you. Please arrive at around 08:30. Draw will be at 09:00 sharp.

Match starts at 10:00. Match finishes at 15:00. The weigh-in will begin at approx. 15:10 to allow for packing away time. Approx. 16:00 results and prize giving.

Health & Safety:

With the ground so wet, the going under foot will be slippery at best everywhere. Absolutely no running please! It is likely to be very Icey on the wooden platforms too, so be careful. Some of the pegs have steep steps down to the water. If you need help to get the equipment down there, please ask for help. Do not struggle when you don't have to.

Match Rules: If you have not seen the new match rules yet, please make yourself familiar with them. You can view the Junior Match rules at

Rules are there for everyone with no exceptions.


The match fees for this event will be £5.00. Please bring the correct amount whenever possible as change may not always be available. If you are dropping off your junior there will be an additional charge of £5.00 on top of the match fee. (Conditions apply as outlined on the website shortly). The drop off facility is only being trialled by our coaching team to see how it 'fits' with our sessions. There may be future changes to the drop off procedure, plan, and pricing.

The Weather:

Even though the wind is turning to the west/south-west during the week, it is still going to feel quite cold. South-westerly winds tend to bring with them rain, which is forecast for the middle of the week. Winds are forecast to be light, but a 'Real Feel' temp of between 2 and 7 degrees is expected. Air pressure is low all week as is expected for the time of year. At the time of writing there is little or no rain forecast for the day of the match.

The Fishing:

The weather has not been kind to most fisheries in the local area of late. The fact that we are supposed to be on the river Stour says it all. The cold water from the weeks rain is expected to affect the fishing this weekend. You must adapt your fishing accordingly. You will, and I cannot emphasise this enough, need maggots! At least one pint of preferably red maggots. There will be colour in the water. Even so a dark coloured ground bait is recommended, if not vital. If you can get a half pint of Pinkies, you will have another bait option. Bright baits like Sweetcorn and bread may score if the going is tough. Carp do count for this match. But try not to get obsessed by trying to catch one. Go for silverfish early on with float tac tics (Either rod or pole), and try to get some fish in to your net. There will not be much warmth in the air, but what little there is will be at around 1 or 2pm. So, catch as many silverfish as you can before looking for a bonus Carp in the last couple of hours of the match, depending on which peg you draw. Some pegs will hold Carp, others may not. Either way, if you have some in your peg you have a good chance of catching them because they will not go far. The Roach and Perch have reached a good size at Luckfield, and you won't need that many for a good weight.

Keep your feed light until you have worked out, or have seen from others, what kind of day it is. If there are a few fish coming out, then you can up your feed a bit. But do not over do it!

The feeder will pick out the better fish later on. I would use a small sized feeder with a 50/50 mix of pellets to ground bait (Half and half). Maggots or a wafter are recommended hook baits. A few worms might pay if the water is warmer than expected.

Larger sized pellets and Expanders may go largely unused. But if you have them with you, you won't be asking your neighbour for any!

Equipment: Float for the silvers, either waggler or pole. Feeder for the bigger species. You will need two keep nets. One for Silverfish, the other for Carp. Nets are to be laid out on the bank until five minutes before the start. If any Carp over 10lbs are caught, they will be weighed, recorded, and returned immediately. If you need help to carry your tackle, ask...

See you Saturday... Juniors Sec...

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