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Presentations and sell outs...

I am very happy to say that the match at Luckfield is now sold out! We will have a full house of 10 anglers for our match next weekend.

Not having fished an evening Junior event at Luckfield before, it should be interesting to see how it turns out. I will put a full pre-match report up later in the week.



Last Saturday our presentation evening took place at Weymouth Angling Club House in Weymouth. It was a slightly different evening to our usual event, being held on a Saturday rather than the usual Thursday. This meant that the bar was open to regular customers as well as our club members. The evening started at around 5pm and an exceptional BBQ was cooked up by the guys, which was very welcome.

I wasn't going to, but I decided to take ALL of our display equipment along to show it off to those who haven't had the chance to see it yet, including out brilliant exhibition display.

It looked resplendent in the room with the podium, and the two flags were positioned outside with the two banners. Altogether it made quite a show. The presentations started around 7.30 which meant that quite a bit of booze was consumed by some and the volume increased accordingly, as did my nerves. Outgoing President, David Tattersall (Tatts), gave a short speech before handing over to the juniors for their trophy presentations.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of public speaking, even to small crowds. Not because I get tongue tied or that I am frightened. It's more to do with the fact that my body takes on a mind of it's own, and the worse I get, the worse it gets to the point of even smiling for photos takes extreme concentration. I am happy to say that control was maintained to a degree and bodily functions have, so far, never been lost.

The first award went to Oliver Smith. The Jerry Bracey Specimen Award, presented by Jerry himself was for Ollie's Harbourbridge Tench, weighing in at 3lbs 5ozs, 21.8% of the British record.


Next was the award was to the Most Improved Newcomer which is chosen by the Junior Secretary.... Me! The award went to Sofia Altuzarra. Sofia was a total novice when she started to attend our Junior events and, by the end of her first season she had managed to win a Junior match and she finished forth in the championship. Sofia showed a huge improvement with her angling skills during the year, adapting to anything she was asked to do despite her lack of experience, even fishing paste on the pole on her first event!

Ollie was asked to the front stage once again to pick up the Junior Pairs Trophy. The pairs match was fished at Harbourbridge and was won by Ollie Smith and Jack Johns with a combined weight of 66lbs 3ozs. Unfortunately Jack was unable to attend, but congratulations to him too.

Our next award was the Brian Copp cup for the Silverfish Champion winner. In 2019, with a total weight of 34lbs 3ozs, our Silverfish Champion was Brian's Grandson, Jack Copp.

Our final award for the 2019 presentations is the one they all want to win. The Junior Champions Trophy. The winner was Theo Cox with a final points score of 188 points and a clear winner too. Theo was also in his first year of fishing and displayed some impressive skills during the year, landing some great fish as well as being consistently in the top three of nearly all the matches he fished.

Even if he does make me look like a circus performer!

It was a good evening, even if if it was a bit challenging to shout over the top of those that were not involved with our presentation evening. Big thanks go to Weymouth Angling Club for the facilities and to everyone that made the evening possible.

Juniors Sec...

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