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The ball is now rolling...

With under two months to go until our first event of the year and with most of the venues now booked, I have posted the first 4 or 5 events on the website ready for you to book a space. For our new anglers, the booking page can be found via the fixtures page, or go to, and follow the instructions at the top of the page. The spaces are free to book and are only payable on the morning of the event. Please note that some events have limited spaces available. So don't leave it too long before you reserve a space to avoid disappointment. The first event at Luckfield is one such event limited to 10 spaces.

Events this year will all start with a tutorial/chat about certain subjects important to our events or to fishing in general. The first event will cover the exhilarating subject of health and safety, to bring any newer members up to speed on how much I hate it when I see anyone running!! Other subjects that we will be covering during the year are;

Fishing etiquette...The dumb side of fishing

Setting up your equipment... The do's and don'ts

Fishing with a long pole...Handling the weight

Preventing KHV...Hanging 'em high and let 'em dry.

The secret life of maggots...A Guide to better bait

Fishing with the Pellet Waggler...Robotic angling at it's best

Looking after your pole... They can cost a fortune so why wouldn't you?

Mixing ground bait and paste...How not to make bricks

Into the winter...What needs to change to keep catching

Choosing the right line...Can 0.01mm make a difference?

To see how your Junior is getting on and to see which areas or sections that are needed to be completed to pass a particular level of coaching, go to

This is a password protected area of the website. If you have not already received the password (via email), then drop me a line and I'll forward it to you.

Also, the updated coaching program is available to view on the website. From level one to level seven, the program covers all of the important skills of modern fishing.

I will be organising one or two casting sessions when the weather starts to get a little milder, before the main sessions begin. If you are interested in a casting session for your Junior angler, then drop me an email at and I'll get something sorted.

Don't forget you can look all prim and smart by getting your DDAS Juniors clothing from Glenn Taylor at Qwikfast. Go to to the clothing page on the website and follow the link to Qwikfast to place your order. This will be by email unless Glenn has sorted his website out to accept online orders...

There are lots of new items coming to our Re-Gen page soon. From poles to keep nets, there are some really good and I mean REALLY GOOD tackle items that have been donated. so keep your eyes peeled...

I am always looking for feedback from parents and juniors about our sessions and welcome constructive comments on how we can improve our coaching. If you have any ideas on any content that you would like to see then let me know... I would be very grateful if you could leave some feedback on our Facebook page if you and/or your Junior have enjoyed the experience of time spent with us at DDAS Juniors...

Juniors Sec...

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