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Father Christmas comes early!

Ok, so it might not be as inviting as an early visit from Santa, but I have loaded a list of equipment that is available for our Juniors to use, borrow or even purchase... Although the list is long, I haven't got round to listing the rods and poles that we currently have yet, it's been too hot!

Go to the Re-Gen page and scroll down. This where you will find the list. If there is anything there that you might want to use, borrow or buy, make a note of it and it's corresponding number and send me a message in any of the usual ways, quoting the membership number on your club card. (required to match the number on the CLUBMATE database). This will help me to know where our equipment is and who has what...

One thing that would really help me is, those of you that have some equipment on loan from us already, let me know what it is and who has it, so I can assign it a number for the inventory.

Of course, if you want to purchase an item to keep, then make a sensible offer and 100% of the money will go to the DDAS Juniors fund.


It's match week and Todber Manor is looming on the horizon. The long range weather forecast is talking about dribbles of rain, which is better than the deluge that I had fear where this beautiful spell of weather finally breaks. But it should still be very mild, even warm. So I am not that worried...

One important thing to remember is that we are gathering AT THE SHOP at Todber at 10am.

This will give you some time to get some last minute bits and pieces should you need some. Please observe any rules regarding Covid that may exist in the shop and be on your best behaviour....That goes for the kids too!

We will do the draw at the car park, then all drive to the lake together. (It is roughly a mile to the lake)


Although I have never fished on the upper White post lake at Todber before, I am told that method feeder should score well as will a short pole/rod with pellets (Short meaning more or less at your rod tip rather than casting a long way out). Like all the lakes at Todber, White post is well stocked with Carp. So you are going to need lots of pellets. My recommendation for bait is pretty much the same as most other places we go to with Carp in them. How much you take will be up to you, but I would take,

3 pints of 8mm pellets

At least 3 pints of 6mm pellets, may be more... 2 pints of 4mm pellets

2 pints of 2mm micros

2 large tins or a bag of frozen corn (defrosted)

2 tins of Luncheon Meat cut into cubes. If you do not have a meat cutter, I will bring mine on the day.

1 bag of Sonubaits Method Mix

1 bag of a heavier mix like Sonubaits Margin Carp

Bag of Special-G paste mix (Green)

Some Dendrobeana worms if you can get some, for the hook.

Maybe a pint of maggots in case things are desperate.

It sounds like a lot of bait, and it is. But if the Carp feed hard, you'll need it. Some of these items will last more than just one trip, so you can make it last for a while.

All of this is only advisory. You need to get what you think you'll need.

Remember what I said about storing maggots? If you need to store them in a fridge that isn't yours, bring them to me and I will put them in my bait fridge.

As far as methods are concerned, I have already mentioned the feeder, fished with micros and cast as tight as you dare to the far side. Your casting will need to be accurate because of the foliage on the far side, but just get as close as you can. The adults will fish a long pole at 13 metres for the Carp too, but this is a bit beyond most, if not all of our Juniors right now, so I would just see what you can get with a shorter Top Kit plus two or three sections with hard pellets on the hook or a worm. The Carp will come into the margins very close if you have been quiet. Paste or a sticky but loose ground bait mix and worms or dead maggots as a hook bait. (there is info on how to get dead maggots in the Coarse booklet on the website)

If I think of or find out anything else, I will let you know nearer the time. Look for videos on Youtube for how to fish at Whitepost (lower) lake, it's an interesting watch.

Juniors Sec.

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