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Pre-Match Report for Junior Match #4 - Revels (Somewhere?)

It is going to be a bit tricky to give you all a definitive Pre-Match Report this time around because, we do not actually know which lake we are going to be fishing??? So, I’m going to give you two reports for the price of one and hope that we get one of the lakes I have reported on!! Report One: Dead Tree Lake: Dead Tree Lake has been recently stocked with small Carp or ‘Stockies’, so there will be some small fish around that will entertain the juniors. There is a good head of small Roach, Perch, and some handy sized Skimmers (Small Bream). My target for this lake would probably be the Stockies and Skimmers on the pole. 4mm Expander pellets (soaked the night before. If you are unsure, just ask and I will try to talk you through it) are the best hook bait, whilst you feed soaked micros (2mm pellets) to attract the fish in. Again, if you are unsure of how to prepare micros, check out the booklets or, if you are lazy, just ask. For pole fishing I will soak the pellets for a slightly longer time (2 minutes) than I would for the Method Feeder. Maggots will catch almost anything so, I would always have those with me. Usual Method Feeder tac-tics of micro’s and/or ground bait on the feeder, with a hook bait of your choice. I might have some Sweetcorn with me as an optional bait. Hopefully it will be a warm day, so the fish may be shallow. But Dead Tree is very shallow anyway, so it will not make that much difference. Report two: Trendals Lake: Trendals is fishing well at the moment with lots of Carp to go for. Some of the pegs have a very deep margin. It might be tempting to drop a bait in there but, with the weather being warmer, the fish are unlikely to want to be in such deep dark water, particularly with and angler sitting there trying to catch them! Plumb up carefully not only to find where the lake levels out past the deeper margin, but also to find the holes in the weed growth. Easier with a pole, plumbing the depth will not be as critical is it is on Trendals. Take your time and find those holes. Find a firm or hard feeling bottom and drag your plummet carefully from side to side to find the edges of the weed. These clear spots are where you and the fish will want to be. Bait for Trendals should be 6mm hard pellets for both feed and hook if you want to avoid the smaller fish. Just feed steadily and some Carp will/should find it. Like Dead Tree (and almost anywhere), maggots should catch you anything. But they might be very small. The usual feeder baits, much like Dead Tree should be ok.

I will be taking a Taster Session from 9am onwards, so feel free to come and take a look at my set up. Take some notes on tidiness and organisation. Some of you need it!!

Any questions, just ask… See you Saturday… Juniors Sec…

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