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Senior/Junior Pairs Match - further information

Senior/Junior pairs match: Todber Manor:

Fees: Senior £15, Juniors £11. (Seniors £10 peg fee + £5.00 Club fees. Juniors £6 peg fee + £5.00 club fees) £26 per pair. (Correct change would be appreciated)

Assemble on Ash Lake at 10:20 (After you’ve been shopping) Draw at 10:30 Start at 11:30 Finish at 16:00 (Weigh in will start immediately after the match has finished) Results and presentations.

The match will be pegged out the same as last year whereby no juniors will fish next to a Senior angler that is not their partner. There will be a laminated swim plan at the draw.

At the time of writing, there is still one more place to fill. If you want to book in, let me know asap. (Rules are that the Senior angler must be from the team of coaches, a previous helper or a parent.)

For a full run down of bait and techniques for Ash Lake, see previous blog.

Just a reminder that we are guests at one of the countries premier fisheries on Saturday. Best behaviour from everyone is required please…

There is a net limit of 66lbs. In senior matches, if you go over this, you get knocked back to 50lbs. Over 75lbs and you lose the full weight of that net from your total.

There will be a 66lbs limit for the Senior/Junior match. You will be knocked back to 50lbs if you go over 66lbs in a net. However, you will not get the net disqualified if you do go over 75lbs, but you will get a stern talking to from me and a letter send to your maths teacher asking why you can’t count! A simple rule of no more than 16 fish in any one net should see you safely under the 66lb limit. There will be plenty of nets available for you to borrow on the day. Hopefully we will need them all!!!

There is a lot of rain going into the lakes this week, and goodness knows they need it! This may change the fishing for the match. The conditions in which we practiced, meant that the fish were high in the water (Shallow), but the rain COULD make them go lower in the water and/or a bit further out. I anticipate that we will still catch them in quite shallow water and, if we do, the day will be easier. If they have moved out, then you will need to fish with deeper rigs, a little bit further out. It may be muddy. Bring wellies just in case. I had to pour water out of my trainers and wring out my socks last week. But that was from catching 200 Carp, not from splashing in puddles with Jerry and Si (on this occasion). Wellies will keep you dry as will waterproofs. I will be wearing mine!

I know I have hyped this event up, but I want everyone to enjoy the day fishing at a premier fishery like Todber Manor… I am setting the junior anglers a challenge.

To break that 100lb barrier!

Juniors Sec…

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